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Squish takes on a whole new meaning with this Original Squishmallows Premium Scented Slimes! These resealable jars of fun contain 8 oz. of fluffy, sweet-scented slimes, fun mix-ins, and even rubber charms of your favorite Squishmallows! Assortment includes scented slimes featuring soft charms of

Cam the Cat Squishmallows, Lola the Unicorn, Winston the Owl, and Hans the Hedgehog!

Each smooth scented slime has a fun scent, including coconut, cotton candy, blue raspberry, and chocolate. Pre-made slime means you can skip the messy measuring and fuss of the slime activator and get right to the sensory fun — just open the resealable containers and play! Sprinkle your choice of glittery textures into the slimes, then stretch, poke, twist, and squeeze them! Playing with slime isn't just a great form of fidget sensory play — it can help relieve stress and promote relaxation, just like cuddling with your favorite Squishmallows!

Original Squishmallows Premium Scented Slimes

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