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Kids Events

Choose Any Package for up to 12 kids


$25 per additional child-Max 24 kids 


Step into a world of glamour and fun at our newest BARBIE OR TAYLOR SWIFT Party! Get ready to enjoy an array of themed activities, which include choices of Slime making, DIY accessory crafting, OR Tee shirt & Lip gloss (starts at $699 for tee shirt party). Then the guests can dance & sing to the latest pop hits. Dress in your most stylish outfits, and join us for a day of fabulous make-believe and unforgettable memories.



A Magical Event!! Your little Fairy’s will add a little sparkle to their life. The children will create a Sparkly Tooth Fairy/Trinket box, an Enchanted Magic Wand and design a bag to take everything home in. They will each receive Flower Crowns and Fairy Hair glitter will be applied. Fancy Iced Tea and Pink Lemon Aid will be served in our beautiful teacups.



Come have a magical time making Glittery Unicorn or Mermaid, Essential oil scented SLIME. Then your guests will decorate a tote to carry the slime home in. Then it’s time for a sparkling Hair Glitter and light makeup. Finally we finish up with a fun dance party! 




Come join A Writers Wonderland! Kids will personalize adorable journals, customize bedazzled pens, and design tote bags. Watch their creativity soar as they unleash their imaginations and create one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

Recommended for ages 6 and up.


For every girl who likes to be pampered this DIY spa party is straight out of their dreams!  The girls learn how to make luxurious body lotions.  Next is our DIY bath salts & glitter hair gels will then be applied. The creativity ends with the guests decorating a tote bag to bring their new spa products home in.


6. GLAM ME UP! (Lipgloss & Lip sync)  

Everyone adores a bit of sparkle, right? Experience the ultimate glam session! Each attendee will craft their own yummy flavored lip gloss and personalize and use a makeup pallet to take home. Plus, they'll have a blast decorating their very own makeup bag. The girls will be thrilled to have their hair adorned with Glitter Hair gels and eye gems for that extra shimmer. And of course, we'll wrap up the festivities with an epic dance party! Perfect for ages 5 and up.

7. TEE & TEA PARTY (par-tee on!!) 

At our TEE & TEA party each guest will transform a T-shirt into a beautiful handmade fashion design using No-Sew techniques and various supplies. Then they will design a matching tote bag. Fancy Iced Tea and Pink Lemonade will be served in our beautiful tea cups. Ideal for age 8+ This package is $699 up to 12 guests $25/additional child

8. Stuffed Animal Party (see separate page for details)

Special Packages Available! Read more about our terms and services. 

***If you would like to combine our packages to suit your little ones liking, feel free to ask. We love your suggestions and always try to accommodate your needs! 

$325 Deposit due at time of booking (non-refundable) 

**GRATUITY: A 18% gratuity of the total party will be added automatically to the invoice amount.

****Maximum capacity per party is 24 guests. We request children’s parties to be drop off to maximize the full potential of our quaint space. 

***Our parties have 2 party hosts. Larger parties of 15 kids or more will require an additional (3rd) Party Host - $75 fee


****Add-ons available:

-Candy Buffet set up after the activities $125 serves 12 ($10 per addtl)

-Costume Guest choice of Mermaid, Fairy, Snow Princess, and more to sing Happy Birthday and finish party activities. $125 (30 minutes)

-Pink Satin Robes, and headband set $120/10 sets

Please feel free to bring your own pizza, cake or cupcakes to be served.

-Use of our Dinner plates, desert plates, napkins, forks - $25

-Make up party favors- 4-5 assorted items plus makeup bag - $15 each

-Jewelry Box party favor - assorted chenille patch jewelry box- $12 each

-Crystal Princess Tiara's - $7.00 each 

-Word Bracelets in pink organza bags - $7.00 each

-Special ordered cupcakes/cake ask for details



MOTHER-DAUGHTER SPA or GIRLS DAY WITH GRANDMA- Join Soirée NJ for an incredible event of special bonding, filled with Spa treatments both Moms and Daughters or Grandma and Granddaughter will perform for each other. Organize a group, minimum of 6 people. Services include: *Fairy Hair Gel, *Mini-Mani's by Mom's/Grandma *Make your own lotion *Create Beautiful Bath Salts *Mini massages  This package is only available during the week Monday-Thursday.

*Special Relaxing Meditation. Food not included in this service. $85 for the pair for 75 minutes. 


*Each one of our parties is unique. Party favors are subject to change based upon product availability.  Any major changes will be communicated to you in advance of your event.

* Soirée NJ, LLC its employees, and associates are not responsible for allergic reactions or other medical reactions possibly caused by the menu, makeup, hair accessories, wearing of dress-up clothing, or any other activity taken place before, during, or after the celebration. In case of liability or financial remuneration due to any possible medical reaction, the responsibility lies solely on the client/party host. Additionally, Soirée NJ, LLC assumes no responsibility or liability for any accidents or damages that occur during a party such as staining of skin, hair, or clothing or surroundings due to the use of any products such as eye shadow, hairsprays, colored hairsprays, glitter tattoos, crafting supplies, etc.  Soirée NJ, LLC will supply table covers to protect table surfaces from damage.


** For the safety of all our customers and employees, we kindly request that ABSOLUTELY NO Alcohol be brought or consumed at our kids parties. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Late Policy: Parties work best when they start on time. If you arrive late, the party will continue as planned and attraction times will be shortened, party time will not be extended. We will not cancel the event and reschedule due to tardiness. We are not responsible for unforeseen circumstances/conditions such as traffic jams, weather conditions, vehicle problems, or any other situation.

Drop-Off and Pick- Up Policy: The Party Host/Parent is responsible for the drop-off and pick-up of all his/her guests. Please be prepared to confirm the number of party guests at least five (5) days in advance to ensure the proper preparation and the number of party items. Seating will be provided for the children.

We take no responsibility for any injuries or property damage caused by any party/event guests. The customer, parent or guardian hosting the event/party, will be held responsible for the damages incurred.

After all services are finished and we sing happy birthday and eat some cake, the party is over at the allocated time. Our apologies to all the customers that want to stay but we must clean up and have respect for our staff scheduled. If extra time is allocated the cost is $100 for 30 minutes to cover staffing, if they choose to work overtime.


In the event of an unforeseen government/state emergency/restriction we reserve the right to cancel the event and offer an alternative party date. We will try our best to accommodate your new preferred date once the emergency is cleared.

**Visit our Forms & FAQ page to access our Event Form and Party Waiver. All forms must be signed and brought with you to your event or returned to at time of booking.

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