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Enrichment Workshops


Girl Scout Packages

Soirée NJ is proud to offer discounted workshop packages for Girl Scout, Brownies and Daisy Troops.  Our workshops for Scouts Troops are perfect for earning a badge, year-end celebrations, moving-up ceremonies, or just as a fun activity. Our Troop workshops focus on Etiquette techniques and team building!


These Discounted Girl Scout packages are 1 hour. Classes can be offered in multiple week sessions based on availability.  Cost is $15 per child per class. (minimum 10 girls, max 24). These workshops are only offered Monday-Thursday. Please contact us to discuss availability.


1. ETIQUETTE/MANNERS WORKSHOP- Children learn basic manners, listening skills, table manners, how to set a table, appreciation, how to write a thank you note and much more. 
The workshop incorporates a portion of all our Manners Classes rolled in 1 hour. The children leave with a project they work on. 


2. HEALTHY EATING- This workshop will expose your child to the exciting world of healthy food! The children will learn healthy eating habits and make kid friendly healthy snack. 


3. GIRL POWER/HEALTHY HYGIENE- Children learn how to practice positive self attitude and personal hygiene. 


4. MOTHER-DAUGHTER SPA- Join Soirée NJ for an incredible event of special bonding,  filled with Spa treatments both Moms and Daughters will perform for each other. 
Services include:
*Mini Mani's by Mom's
*Make your own facials
*Mom and Me spa craft to take home
*Mini massages
*Glitter hair gel

*Special  Relaxing Meditation
$75 for the pair for 75 minutes.


***We also offer private small group 1 hour classes at The Summit Soirée or in your home or destination with a minimum of 6 children. Choose from any of the above 3 packages. $22 per child

Spa package 4 is $85 for the pair for 75 minutes.

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